Monday, April 9, 2012

Storefront CLOSED...on to greener pastures!!

So, my storefront did close. Im not upset at all about it! I moved it into The Boston at 121 N. Main Streen in Urbana Ohio. That store is filled top to bottom with THREE FLOORS of antiques and unique items. Im proud to have my items showcased there :) They recently opend The Veranda in the back of the store. It also houses a General Store, Art Gallery, Garden Basement, Vintage closet and they are working on a Retro Apartment!!  Great shop if you are ever in the area!! For more detail check out
Owner Gina Mokry just happens to be my mother! I asked her to move to Ohio from Arkansas to buy this failing business so I could have a built-in baby sitter-AND a mom to share with!
Well, she turned the shop around and opend the basement and upstairs and now a back patio. The store is filled with 52 very unique vendors who plow the ohio fiels and barn looking for rusty gold!! The store is amazing and not only because it houses my new location for The Green Owl or that Gina Mokry is my mother- its just a destination to experience!

Visit the boston any day of the week- they are always open!
Monday-Thursday 10-5 (but always stay till alomost 7)
Fridays 10-7 (and always there til about 8)
Saturdays 10-people stop showing up- usally after 7
sundays 1-4

If they are in the store and the doors are closed- just knock!! They will let you in to shop! Happy shopping!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ups and Downs of The Green Owl

So, although I love my shop, The Green Owl, I still miss my freedom to be creative when I want.  I started this business when my son was a baby and thought it would be easy to run a shop while toting him around...needless to say i was wrong. I didn't think about how it would be once he grew up and instead of toting him around I started chasing him. When he was a baby I had down time and was able to create. Now, there isn't any down time. I do a little merchandising and then I'm back to see what mess I have to clean up.  I love my son very much and have wanted to hang out with him outside my shop instead of inside.  Plus, its much better damage control! I hired a manager for the store two months ago but as you all know, if you have started a small business, all the money you make goes right back into the business. Everything I paid my manager for two months ended up being the money I wasn't able to take home or put back in my shop.  After two months of the store looking amazing because the manager had put her whole heart into my shop... I had to let her go. It was having her or having food on our table...hmmmm...not a question. The I contemplated on closing. Option? What would I do? Get a "real" job? God no! A friend of mine started talking about doing flea markets and shows.  Now that's an idea! We have been working non stop trying to get our first show off and running! Its been a blast finding treasures to fix up and sell. My favorite find was a box of keys that i turned into necklaces and magnets. Cute! I'll post pictures of them in my next post. As for my shop, The Green Owl, it remains open.  I still love it and I plan on doing some wonderful things with the store. My brain is forever going and i know that there will be another time in my life when i feel like closing but that day isn't today! Happy shopping!!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 3. The Glass Bottle.

 I really do love my work space.  I enjoy walking into the room knowing that I have all my little crafty items so close at hand.  I must say it is so much better then the living room floor or the kitchen table. I remember when I worked on the table I hated putting everything away- another reason I didn't create very many items.  At every meal we would have to clear everything- so annoying.  Now I like cleaning up my stuff- I love it. THAT, my friends, is strange :)   

Not much to say today- I'm so very tired and happy that my craft is finished :) I have always wanted to add paper to glass and now I have.  AWESOME!!  I'm not really in love with it but I like it.  The best part is the vintage button that is in the shape of a bow- I'm not sure I know where I got that one...very cool.

Day 2. A Shower then Craft...maybe.

I really didn't think I was going to get Day 2 of my crafting frenzy finished.  I'm sure you're thinking, "Its only the second day, Kristie!!!"  Well, after shopping for dinner, cooking dinner, returning the movies from last night and getting Sam ready for bed, I thought I would wind down with a shower.  I even had crazy thoughts about shaving my legs.  That's it- Ill shave my legs, use my 'new' bath wash I bought ages ago and maybe leave the conditioner in my hair a little longer than normal...doing this all while thinking about my craft project I have planned for the evening.  Of course, I knew life had other plans for me when I was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair and a little red headed naked boy opened the curtain, "I shower too, mommy"  Fine. I'll shave tomorrow. At least my hair was clean.

Too tired to get crafty but still hours later... My mission was to decoupage a vintage suitcase.  My tools: paper, Mod Podge, scissors, suitcase, and a Glee CD.  Awesome! I was set!!  :) 

Did I do that?  I LOVE IT!!  I absolutely love.  Not very often do I fall in love with my work but everything about this is totally me and that is what I love.  I love Paris,  love to travel, I love clothes and of course I love creating new things.  I dream of Paris and walking the streets, eating French food at an outside cafe, listening to street music, drinking wine and going to fashion shows.  Everything about Paris is intriguing.  I guess that's why I  loved living in New York so much- it really is like a European city.  I wont start with New York- that will have to be another blog post.  I'm sure I can come up with something that will give tribute to one of my favorite cities soon :)   

A small tip:  If you want to decoupage something make sure to lay everything out before you commit :)


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A New Year of Crafting

When I first started writing a blog I thought I would do it so I could get more traffic to my website, my Etsy store or just to say I have one.  When you own a business you have to have a blog. Right?  :)

During this holiday weekend off I moved most of my "creating" items to my home.  I always thought I would keep everything in The Green Owl Studio but was too tired in the evenings and never made it over there to create.  After running after a toddler all day, cleaning, cooking, changing diapers and my never ending trips to Wal-mart and Kroger, I just never had it in me to put my coat on and truck it to the Studio to create something amazing.  Now I have my glue sticks, vintage papers, sewing machine and crafty books at hand.  Lets not forget the lovely rusty old locker filled with funky and fun fabrics that Joe, my boyfriend, wishes I would sneak to the dump, is now sitting in my new work space.  I like the sound of that. Work space- in my home!!

Someone once told me that around your birthday you have a renewal of sorts.  This must be true. Of course, I think it must come once a month. If you are a women I'm sure you can relate :)   So, here I am renewing myself once again.  I have my creative juices flowing and I cant wait to begin!!  I have vowed to create at least one item a day- in the evenings, of course.  After my little Sam has had his bath and is fast asleep I will get crafty.  I might even skip an episode of American Pickers just to get it done.  I'll post something everyday to keep you all updated- this is until I renew myself again. Ha!!   This New Year should be exciting!!  So.... to crafting, sitting on the floor so long you have one butt cheek numb, glue guns, vintage paper and being creative (Im holding my imaginary wine glass filled with shariz)!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Never look back, except for an occasional glance, look ahead and plan for the future. Success is not built on past laurels, but rather on a continuous activity. Keep busy searching out new ideas and, experimentally, keep ahead of the times, or at least up with them.

—Dorothy Draper